Insurance, Copay, Deductible, and other factors will alter these Reasonable and Customary fees.

92012 Established Intermediate Exam
92002 New Patient Intermediate Exam
92014 Established Patient Comprehensive Exam
92004 New Patient Comprehensive Exam
99203 New Patient Detailed Exam
99213 Established Patient Expanded Exam
99204 New Patient Moderate Exam
99214 Established Patient Moderate Exam
92081 Visual Tangent Screening
92083 Visual Field Extended
92133 OCT Optic Nerve
92134 OCT Retina
92025 Topography
92020 Gonioscopy
92250 Fundus Photos
92285 Ocular External Photos
66821 Yag Laser
65855 SLT Laser
66984 Cataract Surgery
66982 Complex Cataract Surgery


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Many people are unaware that they have cataracts because the changes in their vision are so gradual, and the severity of cataracts vary from person to person. The loss of transparency may be mild, hardly impacting vision, or in some cases so severe that no shapes or movements are seen, only light and dark.

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