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After completing his residency in 2000, Dr. Jason Ellen moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma where he helped build and expand a newly formed optometric referral and surgery center known as BVA Advanced Eyecare of Tulsa, serving as Clinical Director and Ocular Disease Consultant.  Meanwhile, Dr. Chad Chamberlain was providing comprehensive ophthalmology services at Triad Eye Institute, including cataract, refractive, and eyelid surgery.  Dr. Chamberlain became the leading specialist in Tulsa for functional and cosmetic oculoplastic procedures, including upper lid, lower lid, and brow reconstruction as well as the use of cosmetic enhancers such as Botox and dermal fillers.  Recognizing their combined experience and expertise, Dr. Ellen and Dr. Chamberlain partnered to form Oklahoma Medical Eye Group (OMEG) in 2015, purchasing BVA Advanced Eyecare’s Tulsa practice.  OMEG now consists of a team of physicians that provide eyecare and perform surgeries in communities throughout Green Country.  In March of 2017, OMEG expanded its locations by purchasing Dr. Ben Baker’s practice in the wonderful community of Bartlesville.  Dr. Chamberlain and Dr. Ellen continue to lead OMEG with the guiding philosophy of providing personalized care while striving to deliver exceptional results.

“Oklahoma Medical Eye Group is dedicated to blending the best technology has to contribute with the best humanity can bestow in practicing the art of medicine and visual restoration.  We enthusiastically pledge to provide exceptional care and to achieve uncommon results in a safe and secure environment supported by the highest quality professionals and state of the art equipment and technology.  We believe in consistently exceeding the expectations of our community through sincere compassion, kindness, and superior integrity.

Oklahoma Medical Eye Group is founded on teamwork and we respect the part each individual contributes toward the success of the whole.  We will share our talents, our knowledge and our passion for fellow human beings.  We will strive always to bring those synergies together which will result in excellence for the organization and the community.”

Dr. Chad Chamberlain and Dr. Jason Ellen
Chad Chamberlin
Dr. Chad Chamberlain
Jason Ellen
Dr. Jason Ellen
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Main Location

224 S Gateway Place
Suite 101
Jenks, OK 74037


Bartlesville Office

3400 Southeast Frank Phillips Blvd
Bartlesville, OK 74006


South Tulsa

9999 S Mingo Rd
Suite M
Tulsa, OK 74133