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Eyelid Surgery

The eyes are the beautiful focal point of the human face. Most people say the eyes are what they notice first when they meet a new person. Are your eyes telling people you’re older than you are? 

Eyelid surgery (also known as blepharoplasty) is a surgical procedure that corrects upper and/or lower eyelids, helping to reduce excess skin or a puffy appearance. Because the skin of the eyelid is thinner than other areas of the face, it tends to show the first signs of aging.  Enhancing the eye area can give your entire appearance a much more refreshed, rested and open expression.

Before and after eyelid surgery
Before (left photo) and after (right photo) eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery is a relatively minor cosmetic procedure that can be performed in a surgical center or in a medical office setting. Dr. Chamberlain will discuss all of the options available to provide you with a very comfortable and highly safe experience.

Facial Skin Renewal

Treatment includes the use of a non-ablative skin renewal laser designed to reduce the appearance of age spots, brown spots, wrinkles, discoloration, and sun damage.

Facial Resurfacing

 Ablative laser skin resurfacing can reveal smoother, more youthful looking skin, ideal for improving tone and texture.

IPL Facial Skin Revitalization

This treatment is designed to reverse the signs of sun damage, erase appearance of broken facial veins, uneven skin tone, and rosacea.

Botox Cosmetic Injections

This temporarily improves moderate to severe frown lines and crow’s feet.

Injectable Gel Fillers

Gel fillers such as JUVÉDERM can add subtle volume to lips and fill lines around the mouth for a smoother and more natural appearance.

Vampire Facial or Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Facial

This treatment includes drawing blood from your arm, separating the platelets, and then injecting them into your skin via micro needling.

Chad Chamberlain, DO

When you visit OMEG Cosmetic Clinic, you can expect to have a pleasant, and in-depth consultation with
Dr. Chamberlain. He will review your health history, discuss your concerns and expectations, and describe the best approach for you. Dr. Chamberlain is highly detailed in his methods for providing you a beautiful, natural result.

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Many people are unaware that they have cataracts because the changes in their vision are so gradual, and the severity of cataracts vary from person to person. The loss of transparency may be mild, hardly impacting vision, or in some cases so severe that no shapes or movements are seen, only light and dark.

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