LASIK Pricing

LASIK is a popular vision correction procedure that has transformed the lives of countless people by reducing or eliminating their dependence on glasses or contact lenses. If you’re considering LASIK, understanding the pricing details is an essential step in your decision-making process.

At Oklahoma Medical Eye Group, we offer competitive pricing options to make LASIK accessible to as many patients as possible.

How Much Does LASIK Cost?

When considering LASIK for clearer vision, understanding the associated costs is crucial. At the Oklahoma Medical Eye Group, our LASIK pricing is tailored to mirror the quality of care, advanced technology, and expertise we offer. 

During your LASIK consultation, our team will discuss pricing details, guiding you through the investment in improved vision. We are committed to providing a seamless experience that ensures you have a clear understanding of the financial responsibilities, enabling your to feel confident about your choice to enhance your vision. 

Recognizing the significance of this choice, we offer unwavering support throughout your journey. LASIK’s cost is an investment in your visual well-being, and we’re dedicated to maximizing its value by delivering exceptional results and a remarkable patient journey.

What Determines the Price of LASIK?

Multiple factors contribute to LASIK’s cost, like technology, surgeon experience, and facility quality. Oklahoma Medical Eye Group employs cutting-edge technology and highly trained professionals to optimize outcomes.

Our commitment to exceptional care, coupled with advanced technology and experienced surgeons, ensures that you are making a smart investment in improved vision. Our LASIK pricing is meticulously designed to reflect the quality of care, advanced technology, and expertise we provide.

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Is LASIK Covered By Insurance?

LASIK is generally considered an elective procedure, which means that it is not typically covered by traditional health insurance plans. However, it’s important to note that every insurance plan is different.

Some insurance plans may offer partial coverage or discounts for LASIK, so it’s advisable to check with your insurance provider to understand any potential benefits or discounts available to you. At the Oklahoma Medical Eye Group, we go the extra mile to make LASIK affordable for you.

We match all insurance discounts, ensuring you receive the most value from your insurance benefits. Our dedicated team will assist you in navigating through the insurance process and help you maximize any available discounts, making your journey towards better vision smoother and more cost-effective.

Are There Payment Plans for LASIK?

Recognizing that the cost of LASIK can be a significant investment, we strive to offer options that can help you manage your expenses. At Oklahoma Medical Eye Group, we partner with CareCredit, a leading healthcare financing company. 

CareCredit provides flexible payment plans with various terms, allowing you to spread out the cost of your LASIK procedure over time. This financing option can make LASIK more budget-friendly and accessible, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of improved vision without a large upfront payment.

Do you want to learn more about the cost of LASIK? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Oklahoma Medical Eye Group in Tulsa, OK, today!

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