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At Oklahoma Medical Eye Group, we know that dry eye is a complex disease with many contributing factors. Our assessment is focused on determining your type of dry eye and the severity of your condition. These factors will determine a treatment plan for you.  

  • An evaluation for dry eye will start by obtaining a thorough history regarding your dry eye, including a detailed questionnaire, which will help determine the severity of your condition.  
  • Click here if you have an appointment and want to complete your questionnaire now!  Don’t have an appointment, but think you may have dry eyes?  Go ahead and submit the questionnaire and we will review and give you a call!  

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  • Next, the doctor will perform an examination of your eyes under a microscope. During this portion of the exam, your doctor will assess the ocular surface and measure the ability of your eyes to produce tears. Light pressure will also be applied to your eyelids to evaluate how well your oil glands are functioning.
  • Tear osmolarity is a measurement of the salt content of your tears. This number is a key indicator of your tear film quality and can help diagnose and stage the severity of your dry eye disease.
Tear osmolarity device being used in a woman's eye
  • The LipiScan® system captures specialized digital images of your oil glands. These images serve as a baseline test in dry eye disease by identifying patients with dysfunctional oil glands. LipiScan® helps guide your treatment choice and monitor your response to therapy over time.
Example of normal eye and an eye that has a blocked melbomian gland
Example images of LipiScan®

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