Cataract Treatment

To make it a little less confusing, here is a summary of the cataract packages we offer at Oklahoma Medical Eye Group:

  • Basic Cataract Surgery:  The cataract will be removed, but you may still need corrective lenses at most distances.
  • Custom Cataract Surgery:  The cataract will be removed and all available technology will be used to give you the best distance vision your eyes are capable of seeing.  Near correction will be needed.
  • Advanced Cataract Surgery:  The cataract will be removed and all available technology will be used to give you the best full range of vision possible, reducing the need for glasses at all distances.  

Basic Cataract Surgery

For Basic Cataract Surgery, a monofocal lens implant will be used:

Monofocal IOLs

Monofocal IOLs are your basic option. They help you see clearly with correction (glasses or contacts) by replacing your cloudy natural lens.  They do not correct astigmatism, so depending on your eyes, you may need light glasses for distance vision, and will need reading glasses or contacts to help you focus on near and intermediate objects.

Custom Cataract Surgery

For Custom Cataract Surgery, several technologies exist to correct astigmatism including toric IOLs.  

To correct distance vision, almost 40% of people with cataracts would benefit from astigmatism correction with a toric IOL.  If you are one of them, we can address both your astigmatism and cataracts without an additional surgery using a specially designed toric IOL.

Illustrated diagram explaining astigmatism

Toric IOLs

TECNIS® IOLs offer toric options, which we use in our practice.

Advanced Cataract Surgery

For Advanced Cataract Surgery, several IOL options exist to achieve the best full range of vision. These are called presbyopia correcting IOLs.

Presbyopia-Correcting IOLs

Presbyopia is the loss of near focus. Presbyopia usually becomes noticeable after the age of 40.  It’s that time when you realize your arms aren’t long enough for reading your phone or a book.  If you have presbyopia, you might currently use reading glasses or bifocals to see those things up close.

Illustrated diagram explaining presbyopia

There are several types of IOLs that can correct for presbyopia. Depending on your unique vision demands, any of our Oklahoma Medical Eye Group physicians will recommend the right lens for you! 

Multifocal IOLs

Multifocal IOLs, which we offer at OMEG, provide good distance vision, as well as personalized near vision so you can overall focus where you use your vision most while relying on glasses less often for daily tasks.

Light Adjustable IOL

The Light Adjustable Lens is a premium IOL that offers a variety of benefits, including reduced dependency on glasses and contact lenses after the procedure. What makes the Light Adjustable Lens particularly unique is that it provides a genuinely customizable vision outcome.

This lens allows your eye doctor to tailor your vision based on your lifestyle and personal hobbies and goals through a series of light treatments. With the Light Adjustable Lens, your eye doctor can adjust the lens to provide you with the clearest vision after the cataract surgery procedure.

Extended Depth of Focus IOLs

Extended Depth of Focus IOLs give you a continuous range of high-quality vision: excellent distance and intermediate vision with improved near vision.

Accommodating IOLs

Accommodating IOLs shift position in the eye as the eye muscles focus on near objects.  They give excellent distance vision, and good intermediate vision while reducing dependence for many near tasks.  

Unsure about which one you need? Don’t worry, an OMEG physician will discuss and recommend a lens option personalized for you.

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